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List of Ten Australian Universities That Offer 100% Free Tuition

Here’s a list of ten Australian Universities That Offer 100% Free Tuition

Countries around the world are placing big bets on education to open up doors of multiple opportunities for them. One of the biggest bets that top players are making is increasing the support they give to students who are able to show a deep sense of purpose and problem solving skills. Australia is making this bet with FREE tuition across some of the institutions we are about to reveal to you.

University of Melbourne – The University of Melbourne is Australia’s second oldest university and ranks 33rd in the world. To make things more interesting, the university has graduated 4 Australian prime ministers and 5 governors-general. More importantly, the university has stood itself out by offering 150 full scholarships to brilliant international students yearly.

Griffith University, Nathan – This university is named after the first Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia – Sir Samuel Griffith. They have good rankings in nursing, law, education, management and more disciplines. To attend Griffith on free tuition, you need to qualify for their scholarship programme.

University of Sydney – For the past few years, the University of Sydney has waived tuition and a couple other fees through her research scholarships; 30 of which are given every year. In addition, people who qualify for this scholarship get $20,000 in stipends.

Queensland University Of Technology, Brisbane – This is one of the best institutions to study any technical course in Australia. Interestingly, they have an international merit scholarship that covers 25% of course fees for high-performing students and more opportunities to help you clear out the other 75%.

University Of Adelaide – This university is known to offer a comprehensive scheme of scholarships to students who prove they are worth it. They have a dedicated research scholarship as well as an international undergraduate scholarship.

University of Western Australia – The university is well known for its research prowess and as one of the oldest and prestigious schools, her alumni have excelled in many political and leadership fields. The university’s admission board tries to offer some scholarship on all admissions; both for local and international students.

University Of Queensland, St Lucia – This university has always ensured their scholarship students never spend a dime to get the education they deserve. They are well renowned for recognising talent, locally and internationally and attracting them with the right incentives – tuition free scholarship.

Monash University, Clayton – Monash says they reward talent and offer Australia’s most generous scholarships and this is all you need to know to apply. They give out over 200 scholarships to cover not just tuition but travel expenses and accommodation.


Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology – This is a public research university with an annual revenue of about A$1.163 billion, making it one of the wealthiest universities in Australia. They run a scholarship program that helps them offer free tuition to international students.

Deakin University, Waurn Ponds – At Deakin, helping students is really important. One of the scholarships making this possible is the Deakin Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship and even students who are unsuccessful for this are entered for the Deakin International Scholarship. The scholarship covers 25% of a student’s contribution and that equates to tuition fees.

Here’s one tip about Australia, keep your grades high and you can get all the free tuition you can think of.

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